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5 Unique Bedroom Design Themes for Boys

The way you design a child’s room is quite different than how you would approach your own bedroom. Your personal tastes might lean more towards West Elm, but your boys’ are probably somewhere more along the line of Legos and dinosaurs.

You want the kids’ rooms to be attractive and easy to clean, but you also certainly want them to reflect their personalities. Your boys’ rooms should be inviting and fun, so they’d be content to spend hours there if necessary. But you don’t have to buy a bunch of war toys and leave it at that. Here are five unique bedroom design themes for boys. For rollaway beds check

First of all, try a sports theme for the boy who loves staying active. Find out which are his favorite teams and go with their colors on the bed linens for their bunk beds or other beds and in certain pieces of furniture. Choose something masculine but subdued for the walls, such as a light brown. Don’t worry, the color splashes will be in full effect everywhere else.

Look for unique storage options, such as shelving or cabinets shaped like balls and bats. Clip strings through soccer balls and softballs and hang them off the wall for the coolest mobile ever. And if your boy is old enough to be playing team sports already, use his number liberally through the room.  You should use Zipit bedding for clutter free bedroom.

Not all boys are into sports. For some there’s nothing better than a science kit, a magnifying glass and an ant farm. So give your science-inspired child everything he needs to get that imagination going. Look for cool planters, and shelves that have tons of open storage containers for his tools, crayons and various natural collectibles.

You could hang some plastic tubes up on the wall for your son’s rock collection, and pull it through with desk furniture that looks like a workstation in a science lab.

Some young boys are born explorers. These are the kids who watch “Indiana Jones” on repeat and dream about the day they get to go on an archeological dig or discover some new species. For these children big dreams are a nightly occurrence.

So consider a way to turn their rollaway bed into the perfect adventure vehicle. You can find kits, or get really creative and build it yourself. The mattress will be the same, but the base could be a Jeep, a wooden pirate ship or even a jungle canopy.

If your family travels a lot your little boy might enjoy nothing more than seeing the world. So turn his bedroom into the airport terminal to anywhere he wants to go. Bring in road signs, and decorate the walls with urban street art.

You could hang clocks with the time in different parts of the world, and look for posters to frame that depict your son’s favorite places. If you’ve got an artist in the family, consider painting a faux window that looks out onto a landscape from his favorite vacation. You can even have one of your travel pictures blown up window-sized and stuck on the wall as a decal.

Finally, you’ve got the kids who act like they’re training for the Special Forces. These are the children who beg and plead for a paintball gun and run around in the woods all day in mock warfare. For these kids, head to the closest camo trading store or Army surplus outlet and stock up.

You can find all sorts of real life soldier details that will make his day. Consider hanging a pup tent over the bed, so your boy can dream about historic battles as if he’s there. Grab real Army goods, such as canteens and backpacks and hang them on the walls for his use.

And look for pops of ‘Stars and Stripes’ colors in area rugs or the pillowcases. All told you won’t spend a lot of money, but the boys will react like they just won the lottery.


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