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Best Car Wax Method

Unless you have a buffer, the best car wax method is with microfiber towels. They don’t scratch the paint, and do a nice job for both waxing and removing the wax. There are also towels for buffing and wax application if you are a perfectionist. I have always used clean microfiber towels for waxing and removing the wax and it works well.

You just want top apply the wax in a section at a time, out of the sun, and buff the wax out before adding more in another area. I have gotten lazy, and waxed my whole car at once, and then buffed it out. That can be quite the workout for once the wax sits, it can be tough to remove.

The instructions always recommend doing a section at a time, although your car will survive of you are like me and want to just do a once over. It looks great to me when I do it that way.

Wax keeps out and disperses moisture and will keep your car looking like a show car!

Applying car wax regularly will prolong the life span and beauty of your car’s paint finish. Wax helps protect the paint from sun exposure, which can discolor the paint, and other unwanted airborne pollutants that you wouldn’t want soaking into and prematurely aging the paint, making it ugly.

It’s really the best feeling after a day outside waking your car, when it’s finally all over, even though, if you’re like me, you think your arm is going to fall off.

You kick back, take a look, and you get that feeling of satisfaction. If you’re like me, you may have neglected it at times, or had no choice from a few months of sub zero temps.

All the same, there is nothing like a nicely waxed car to stare at. If you have access to power tools, and can use a buffer to do all the steps, even more power to you. Then you can really get into the final steps and do those last few steps to really bring out the best of your baby, after the previous steps of taking out all the blemishes and scratches with your polisher.

Ultimately, the best car wax method is to do some sort of manual application, with your favorite wax, any listed on this site.

If all you can do is hit the car wash and pay for the extra wax in the spray, make sure twice a year, spring and fall, you at least do your car over with manually applicated wax for that extra layer of protection.

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