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Homak Gun Safe Review


The safe itself is fitted with a mechanical combination lock enabling owners to simply set it up in to place. The unit weighs 151 pounds and can be firmly installed in to many rooms around a house preventing it from being pried out and taken away by anyone who may break in to a home. The Homak HS40221120 12 Gun Safe actually comes with its own bolts sealing the safe against the floor. There are a few different advantages this best gun safe under 500 brings, but many owners will just appreciate the added security that it brings. The lock provides a high degree of security for any home owner savvy enough to have it put in to their room.Image result for GUN SAFE

California DOJ Approved

This device has been issued approval by the California Department of Justice. This will help many people feel at ease, because they can trust that this product will provide high levels of security.


The Homak HS40221120 12 Gun Safe offers a stylish and functional way to store one’s firearms properly. The interior of the safe is lined with carpeting inside of it, which provides it with the perfect look. There is also an adjustable shelf, which can be used to store some other types of equipment. The safe also provides an impressive 8.7 cubic feet of storage space, which will help handle any kind of equipment. Given all of the security features, owners can rely on the results that they get from this device.


  • Ample amount of storage space
  • Good looking design
  • Hefty weight will keep the safe in place
  • Tall design will accommodate just about any rifle


  • Need to find installation space in a room
  • Can be an expensive investment to make


This gun safe is protected by a warranty that has been issued by the manufacturer. It will cover the safe for up to 5 years after the original purchase.

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